Silverback Ridge is a fictional plant-based protein brand that I developed entirely from scratch. To view the full brand, please click here.
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Core Values – Why
We believe that everyone should have as much compassion for mother nature as they do for one another. Unfortunately, animal agriculture is contributing to the destruction of our planet while destroying the homes and lives of millions of beautiful creatures. By taking steps to prevent climate change, deforestation, and animal cruelty, we can empower individuals to make the right choices to benefit the future of our world. We believe that like the silverback gorilla, humans don’t need meat to survive.
Mission – How
We provide affordable, high-quality plant-based protein sourced from our local farms. All of our ingredients are sustainably grown,  ensuring that our food benefits the health of the environment and the health of our customers. 15% of our proceeds go to helping endangered species like Gorillas and Orangutan in the fight against deforestation. 
Vision ­– What
We fulfill our mission by providing wholesome plant-based meat alternatives like burger patties, faux bacon, faux chicken, chili, sausage, and more. Each of our products contains the necessary nutrients to live a happy and healthy life, just like a silverback gorilla. 
Guardian – As guardians we find fulfillment by protecting and defending others. We seek to offer a firm helping hand to guide towards the path of the greater good, similarly to how silverback gorillas watch over and protect everyone in their tribe.
Liberator – As liberators we want peace, freedom, and equality for all life forms. We boldly take risks to assist mistreated and displaced animals all over the globe.
Caregiver – As caregivers, we make sure that we provide only the healthiest products to our customers. Like the silverback gorilla we hold ourselves responsible for the wellbeing and happiness of our tribe. 
Mood Board
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Why Silverback Ridge?
Silverback gorillas are seen as some of the most dominant and powerful creatures on earth. Despite the stigma, gorillas are incredibly caring and compassionate animals. They work hard to maintain peace in their society and make sure everyone is taken care of and accounted for. In addition to their caring nature,  they build their strength through a strict herbivore diet consisting of primarily fruits and vegetables.  These key points are the primary reasons that silverback gorillas are the perfect representation of our brand. Because we are focused on agriculture, we wanted our name to evoke the feeling of a location or utopia, thus Silverback Ridge; A place where the main priorities are maintaining peace, compassion, and consuming only wholesome and healthy foods. 
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